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Antarctic Oceanographic Deck Equipment


Hawboldt Industries was retained to provide a comprehensive suite of oceanographic deck equipment for the new polar research vessel Araon, constructed by Hanjin Shipyard for the Korean Ocean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). This equipment is used to help the Araon conduct tests in the areas of geophysics, biology and oceanography in ice-covered polar regions.

The full scope of the project included design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of several ocean sciences winches, a 35 T stern A-frame, hydraulic power packs and an integrated monitoring and control station.

KOPRI subsequently commissioned Hawboldt to enhance the ships capabilities for larger and heavier research equipment, adding a 32-tonne traction winch, a right angle levelwind and a pump for the HPU.


The primary project challenges were to design equipment suitable for operations in Antarctic weather conditions, fabricate and test the equipment in Canada and install and commission the equipment in Korea. The traction winch retrofit required installation of a more powerful system without impacting current equipment, ship design or operation. Hawboldt had a very small window of opportunity to deliver the winch before the Araon departed for its mission in the Antarctic.


Having already supplied a full suite of ocean sciences packages for the Araon, Hawboldt was able to design and manufacture the larger traction winch and other equipment into the existing hydraulic and ship infrastructure. Hawboldt succeeded in delivering, installing and testing the winch on time, despite the very short timeframe.

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