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Use this convenient Winch Questionnaire as a simple checklist to initiate the design and quotation process.

Complete and submit this email form, or print this page and fax your request to us at 1.902.275.5014.

Your information will assist us in providing an accurate proposal in the shortest time possible. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any items in detail, please contact us to have a Hawboldt representative provide the answers you need.

Request for quotation:

1. What size and type of cable will be used?

2. What will be total length of the cable?


3. What is minimum bend radius of cable?


4. If cable is delicate in nature, will a traction winch be required?

5. What is the maximum pull that the winch is required to supply (bare drum)?


6. What is the minimum pull required (full drum)?


7. Maximum retrieval speed you require?

baremidfull drum

8. Do you require variable speed?

9. Will you need the winch to freewheel when deploying?

10. What is your preferred power supply?

electrichydraulicno preference

11. Please specify voltage-frequency or system pressure-flow:

12. Will you require a mechanical level wind?

13. What are the maximum winch dimensions?


14. Do you require remote (handheld) control of the winch?

15. Will your winch require a slip ring?

If so what brand/model have you selected?

16. What is your required delivery date for this equipment?

17. How many of these winches do you require?

18. Do you require specific certifications?

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